“This genius mind”: Ruslan Biryukov on his student, Nathan Le

Cellist Ruslan Biryukov. (Image courtesy of the artist)

Anyone who has heard cellist Ruslan Biryukov in person knows the almost visceral power of his musicianship. That enthusiasm and ability to compel one to listen is equally evident in conversation, as I was pleased to be reminded of when talking to him over the phone last Saturday. 

In my latest article for the Crescenta Valley Weekly, I shared some of Biryukov’s thoughts on his forthcoming recital in L’Ermitage Foundation’s chamber music series. He’ll be joined that evening by cellist Nathan Le, a student of Biryukov’s for the past four years. 

The concert, which will take place at the Luxe Hotel, is set to debut both Le’s emergence as mature artist as well as the cello duo CD on which student and teacher collaborated on. Biryukov called the venue a “hidden gem of Los Angeles” that makes it ideal for the concept that will unfold at the concert. 

“In a single evening [the audience] will hear the full range of the cello’s development. On top of that, they’ll hear [Le’s] intellectual force and playing. And he’s a young man whom I believe will display his future achievements for all of us to see.”

You can read more about Biryukov and next week’s concert here


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